Prowear Chrome Expression Session Driver entries SOLD OUT! Join the official waitlist here.

The biggest and best automotive winter event has once again sold out. If you missed out, there's an official waitlist you can sign up to here:

The waitlist is done on a first come first serve basis. By filling it out, we can't guarantee a space will become available for you as spots are in such high demand!

Other options if you missed out, you can be a second driver (fill out a form and pay on the day, price TBC) and drive your mates cars that have already entered. Otherwise we have a Show & Shine Hard Park available to enter on the day. Due to very limited spacing, this is first come first served as well. Price for the Hard Park is $60 and includes your $25 spectator entry fee. Entering the Hard Park also makes you eligible for awards and prizes (prizegiving is Sunday Only and you have to attend to pick your trophies up on the day).

Spectator entries are all done on the day, these won't sell out!

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