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The Game Changer is here!

Having been around for 22 years now, the 4 & Rotary Nationals is the biggest and longest running automotive and lifestyle event of its kind in the country. We got this far by continuously evolving and bringing new ideas and features to the table. No one wants to see the same old thing year after year.

The 2018 V 4 & Rotary Nationals will see the biggest change to date in all its 22 years. We will reformat the entire event to take place over two weekends, and will join forces with Pukekohe Park Raceway. The main course of the event will still be held over Auckland’s Anniversary weekend with an extra date in April to ensure drag racers aren’t missing out on any of the action. Here’s how it’s going to go down.

Saturday 27th January 2018
4 & Rotary Nationals Show & Shine
Show & Shine, NZ Lowrider Nationals, NAC Action Arena, Car Football, Precision Driving, Auckland Custom Culture & Tattoo Show, Sound Off, ST Hitec Dyno Shootout, Trade Exhibitors, Unveils, Pac Performance Rotary Only Hall, NZ Promo Model Search, NZ Strong Man Challenge
ASB Showgrounds

Sunday 28th January 2018
Ultimate Track day
Cruising, Partmaster Roll Racing (Round 2), Drifting, Drag Racing, Hard Park, Burnouts (TBC), Powerskids , Covered spectator grandstand, Australian Invasion, Trade Exhibitors, Food Festival
Pukekohe Park Raceway

Saturday 14th April 2018
4 & Rotary Nationals Drag Racing
Drag Racing, Partmaster Roll Racing (Finals), Hard Park, Australian Invasion, Trade Exhibitors
Meremere Dragway

The reason for the swap is simple. To bring you even more action and entertainment over the event season. Chrome Expression Session has been dominating in popularity over the past few years and will be a welcomed addition under the 4 & Rotary Nationals banner.
We find January is a little too early for all the Pro Import drag racing cars to be hitting the track therefore, the new April date will be much better suited. Drag Racers are still more than welcome to join us at the Pukekohe Event to showcase what they can do.

We’ve already got some exciting features lined up, including an Australian Street Invasion so stay tuned for more details!

Nationals Entries have opened now for the Show & Shine, Ultimate Track Day, Both Days and Soundoff.…/nationals-online-registration

V Energy NZ / NAC Insurance / Meguiars NZ / Partmaster

Video thanks to Limitless Productions NZ

2017-2018 NZ Show Car Championship Points


1750 Khrunal Mahendra Mitsubishi Evo X NZEVOX
500 Owen Trowbridge Subaru Legacy H8EVO
350 Elliot Brown Nissan 180SX
250 Tim Reinke Toyota Starlet 1SIKKP
250 Mitchell Hurren Nissan Silvia S15
250 Ifraz Beggz Mitsubishi Evo
200 Carl Robertson Ford Laser TX3 JRCOZY
200 Tony Hill Mazda GTAE
200 Chevenne Hassan Nissan Silvia S13
200 Elysse Milne Mazda RX7
150 Shalvin Sharma Mitsubishi Evo
150 Jamie Smyth Mitsubishi VR4
100 Blake Harpur Nissan Silvia S15
100 Daniel Geange Toyota Altezza
100 Akshay Fenn Nissan Silvia PR3D8R


300 Club K
200 WTF (Wellington Trucking Friends)
200 Fijian Car Club
100 Euro Nation
100 Southern Stance
100 Disruptive
100 Uprising
100 CJC
100 Girls In Motorsport
100 Boost Like This
100 Project Car club
100 Chosen Few
100 Stealth Rides
50 Stance Mob


1700 Lorrie Smith Mazda RX4 RX42NV
1000 Vick Bhatti Nissan GTR
800 Matt Keesing Ford Escort
600 Leighton Hamlin Datsun 240K GT
600 Russ Clarke Subaru Impreza D4EMON
500 Kerry Martin Datsun 1600
500 Tony Hill Mazda GTAE
400 Daniel Jack Fiat 125t
400 Hayden Murray Ford Escort Mexico
400 Jarred Webber Toyota Hilux
400 Johnny Latham BMW E46
400 Karl Shand Mitsubishi Lancer
400 Matt Holt Honda  S2K
300 Darryn Cairncross Mazda RX7
300 James Mangin Nissan Silvia S15
300 Sunny Nadan Mitsubishi Evo
200 Arno Gericke Subaru Impreza STI
200 Chris Burrett AL4SPN
200 Corrie De Wagt BMW E21
200 Daniel Paterson Nissan Skyline
200 Derak Govind Toyota MR2
200 Fritz Leaning FD RX7 JLA709
200 Graham Boyd Toyota KE30
200 Ian DaoCruz R100WAK10F
200 Jamie Walden NSECUR
200 Jayden Douglas Nissan Silvia
200 Jesse Lopez Nissan 180SX
200 Leon Scott Mitsubishi Evo
200 Mad Mike Whiddett RX7
200 Sam Khamis RX3
200 Sarwan Naidu - Toyota Supra
200 Sean Clark BMW E30 PUR1ST
200 Shane Jeffcoat Honda Accord Euro R
200 Shyam Patel Holden Commodore BOSDOG
200 Steven Van den Broek Toyota Hilux
200 Thomas Morris Mitsubishi Evo 3
200 Tony Stewart Fors Escort RS2000
200 Wiremu Burkhardt B2000 B2K
100 Alex Brimmicombe Toyota Hilux SR5
100 Alvin Kumar DX Corrolla DXLXIC
100 Andrew Pulford Mazda RX3
100 Anthony Rohan Toyota Corolla
100 Brett Dyson RX3 SP
100 Chopper Keen Datsun Roadster
100 Clint Hewetson Mazda RX7
100 Cory Wilson Mazda RX2
100 Cory Wilson Mazda R100
100 Cory Johnston Mazda Cosmo
100 David Drake Toyota Hilux
100 David Matchaene 13B2NV
100 Debbie Wisneski Nissan Silvia S15
100 Dustin Ng R34 Skyline
100 Grant Walker Nissan 370GT 2ELITE
100 Hallie Linell Mazda RX7 CRE3PN
100 James Patterson Toyota KE30
100 Jared Croft Nissan R32
100 Jay Thomson Volvo
100 Jaysen Eveleigh Nissan Skyline
100 Jordan Matchitt Mazda 323
100 Kasey Boxer-Johnson Toyota Corolla
100 Lance Collis Mazda RX7
100 Matthew Rencher Toyota Hiace
100 Michael Bateman Mazda RX3
100 Michael Kerr Mazda RX7
100 Nigel Prince Toyota Corona
100 Patrick Wood Mazda RX7
100 Podge Reid MPRESV
100 Richard Mott Mazda RX7
100 Ross Jaggard Mazda RX7
100 Ryan Johnson Mazda RX2
100 Ryan Grobler A31 Cefiro
100 Sam Cox Nissan 350Z
100 Stacey Claridge Nissan Skyline GTR
100 Steven Ford Harley Davidson
100 Toni Cook Mazda MX5
100 Tony Markovina Mazda Cosmo
100 Tony Markovina MR RX2
100 Troy Harland VW Beetle
100 Vika Osipova-May Audi S3

2016-2017 NZ Show Car Championship Winners

Open Class Winner
Kerry Martin
Datsun 1600 - SQWRT


Open Class Runner Up
Lorrie Smith
Mazda RX4


Tough Street Winner
Carl Robertson
Jr Cosworth Laser - JRCOZY


Tough Street Runner Up
Khrunal Mahendra
Mitsubishi Evo - NZEVOX


Car Club Awards

Car Club Winner
Euronation NZ

ENNZChamps Show 24

Car Club Runner Up Equal
WTF (Wellington Trucking Friends)


Car Club Runner Up Equal
NZ Fijian Car Club


2018 Jamboree Programme 1

2018 Jamboree Programme 2

Manfeild Layout


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