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4 & Rotary North Island Jamboree - Competitor Information

Vehicle or Driver Change? Download the form here, fill it out and bring the $30 cash admin fee to registration on the day.

Pack In

Saturday March 24 2018 – (Pack In Day) 3pm to 7pm

Pack Out

Sunday March 25 2018 – (Show Day) 6pm to 8pm. Cars will not be able to leave the halls until the show has finished.


At the registration point you will receive your entry sticker, wristbands and tshirt. The sticker must be placed on the windscreen for judging on Saturday night. Tshirts will ONLY be given out at registration so please make sure you collect them as there will be none available after the event. Registration will take place between 1pm and 6pm on the Saturday before the event. Gates will close strictly at 8pm at which time security guards will arm the venue and patrol both inside and out.


Wristbands for competitors and exhibitors will be available for pickup during Pack In at the registration desk. Please bring your Registration number or details. Competitors will be aloud 1 helper in for free to setup your car. If you have more then 1, extra setup passes and be purchased for $15.
Wristbands must be securely placed around wrists to ensure entry/re-entry into the show. Any tampering with wristbands will result in immediate dismissal from the show. Lost or Forgotten wristbands will not be replaced, no exceptions. Swapping wristbands is illegal and will result in dismissal from the show and fines/charges.


There will be no electrical services outside unless otherwise specified. If you wish to order Electrical please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Admissible Behavior

Alcohol, drugs, weapons and other illegal materials are not permitted at the venue. Cars will be searched upon entry and anything found will be confiscated. At no time during the show will any competitor be allowed to start their engine; doing so will result in immediate ejection from event and fines. Any skid marks, and or damage to the grounds as a result of your miss conduct will be billed to you directly.


4 & Rotary Promotions 2006 LTD shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property.
 All competitors are required to lock their vehicles and keep their belongings safe.


4 & Rotary Promotions shall have the power to enforce all terms, rules and regulations as well as any other stipulations necessary for proper conduct of the show. All competitors agree to comply with such terms, rules, regulations, all pertinent laws, and codes.

Promotional Materials

Flyers, business cards and any other printed materials are not permitted in the venue for distribution unless a exhibitor site has been purchased or otherwise
authorized by 4 & Rotary Promotions. If caught, material will be taken away and you will be subject to disqualification and fines.

Sale Of Merchandise

Sale of merchandise is NOT permitted at any time unless you have purchased an exhibitor site.


Competitors must attend prizegiving in order to recieve trophies and prizes.


Track Info

Cruising - Saturday

All vehicles are eligible for Cruising if entered through Option 1. Passengers are allowed, as long as they have filled out the passenger indemnity form and recieved their wristband prior to getting into your car. Seatbelts must be worn, however no helmets or safety gear is required. Cruising is speed limited to 100kmph, no passing on corners, no drifting or burnouts.

HP/Circuit Racing - Saturday

Circuit Racing is for dedicated track cars or High Horsepower vehicles only. Full cage prefered however not required. Not speed limited, however safety gear is needed (helmet/overall).

Drifting - Saturday

All vehicles are eligible to enter Drifting. Safety gear is required (helmet/overalls). Full cage prefered however not required. Battles can only be done by fully caged cars. If you don't have a cage, you can still do individual drifting runs.

Burnouts - Both Days

All vehicles are eligible to enter both Burnouts. Only safety requirement is a helmet. No passengers during competition times on Sunday Morning, however they will be allowed in the afternoon.

Roll Racing/Powerskids - Saturday

All vehicles are eligible to enter Roll Racing. Only safety requirement is a helmet. No passengers.

Battle of the Rookies - Sunday

Safety gear is required (helmet/overalls). All cars need a full cage due to battling.

NZ Superlap Series - Sunday

Safety gear is required (helmet/overalls/Fire extinguisher). Full details can be found on the Superlap Website here.

Safety Check

Every vehicle has to complete a basic Safety Check before you are allowed out on the track. This is for your safety, and the safety of those around you on the track. Once your car has passed, you’ll receive your vehicle registration number/stickers/Wristband and you will have access to the track.

For all vehicles competing on Sunday, we highly recommend getting your scrutineering done on Saturday Afternoon if possible. If your competition car is due for it's first audit, these must be done on Saturday as they can take time. If you are unable to make it for your first audit on Saturday, you may have to wait to get it done on Sunday Morning which may result in missing track time.

Here is a basic checklist that will be checked for upon entry.

All Vehicles:

  • Brake Lights
  • Indicators
  • SECURE BATTERY - The main cause of vehicles not passing. Batteries also need to be secure inside a battery box if you have one.
  • Legal thread on the tyres
  • Battery Clamps
  • Fuel Leaks
  • Oil Leaks
  • Wheel Nuts secured
  • Seatbeats (A seatbelt is required for all drivers and passengers out on the track).
  • Firewall
  • Structural Damage
  • Door Cards
  • No exhaust/wastegates out bonnet

Race Cars:

  • Racesuit
  • Approved helmet and footwear
  • Rollcages


  • While we do recommend you run a Scatter Blanket for all events, it's done at your own risk if you choose not to.

All cars with a modified engine must have an overflow bottle and oil catch can if one isn't already fitted.

Change of Driver/Vehicle/Refunds

If you need to change the Driver or vehicle for any reason, you may do so by replying to your confirmed Competitor Email. A $30 admin fee will occur to change these details.

If you can no longer make the event and you'd like a refund, reply to your confirmed competitor email by the 1st November, along with your account details and reason and we will refund your entry form minus a $30 admin fee.


Competitor FAQ

How can I enter?

The easiest way to enter is online through our website. Click on the register now tab under the event you'd like to take part in. Make sure you fill out all the forms correctly and use your name that's shown on your drivers license.

Do I need a credit card to enter?

No you don't! You can pay by direct debit if you don't have a credit card.

I’ve just entered online, what happens next?

After you enter online, your entry takes a few days to be processed by our staff. Once it’s been processed and paid for, we will send out a confirmation email detailing everything you need to know.

I haven’t received a confirmation email yet, what should I do?

First of all, check your junk mail. Sometimes this gets mistakenly sent to your junk mail folder. If your payment declined, or something is wrong with your entry, we will email you to say so. If there's no email, then the next step is to check the confirmed entry list, these can be found under the event menu. If your name is on that list, you have been confirmed and would have recieved an email from us at some point. Still nothing? Send us a message via Facebook. We’ll check our records and get it out to you. A common problem is a typo in the email address which can easily be fixed.

Can I enter without a WOF or Registration?

While this may differ from event to event, in general, you don't need a wof or registration, except for Drag Racing. Of course any non-wof/reg vehicles should be towed to the event.

Can I enter without a license?

Once again, this may differ from event to event, but in general, you will need a license (minimum restricted) for any driving/racing events. You don't need a license for the Show & Shine.

Do I need a Scatter Sheild on my Rotary?

Scatter blankets are only required for Drag Racing events at Meremere Dragway. While we do recommend you run one for all events, it's done at your own risk if you choose not to.

What's the deal with scrutineering? What do they check if I want to go out on the track?

For vehicles wanting to go out on the track, we have a basic Safety check that needs to be done. This is to ensure your vehicle is up to standard and not a danger to youreslf and anyone else. If your car has a wof and reg up to scratch, you're good to go. If you have a competition car with no wof or reg, we will check through, making sure seats and seatbelts/harness/battery is secure, your brake lights work, legal tyre tread, leaks and it's important that you have a tow hook. Your safety gear will also get a quick check over.

Can I purchase or bring my own alcohol at the event?

Safety is our number one priority at all of our events. All our events are strictly alcohol free and cars will be searched upon entering the venue. Any found will be thrown away. Random breath tests may take place at the events during track time, and any driver with a blood alcohol reading of over 0.00 may have their Driver Pass removed.

Do I have to wear a seat belt out on the track?

Yes, seat belts must be worm by drivers and passengers at all times on the track.

Can I leave the venue and come back?

While 4 & Rotary events operate on a strict no passouts rule, there are a few exceptions.
Drivers wristbands may allow you to leave the venue and come back if you need fuel etc. This is for drivers with a valid wristband only.
Other then that, there are no passouts for passengers and spectators.

What happens if my car isn’t ready and I’ve already paid? Or my circumstances change and I’m unable to attend?

If you’re not 100% sure your car will be ready or you will be able to make it, you can either wait to enter on the day, or enter at the early bird prices if you can get in quick enough. If you decide you can’t make it, simply get in contact with us via email 2 weeks prior to the event you've entered and we’ll refund your entry fee less the administration fee of $30. Alternatively, you can use your pass to view the event as just a spectator.

Can I change my vehicle or give a mate my entry?

You are more than welcome to bring along a different vehicle on the day to registration, just let our staff know. However you are unable to transfer your entry in another persons name.

What safety gear is required for any track driving?

Depending on the activity, safety gear will be required. For cruising, simply a seatbelt. Burnouts will require a Helmet, and any racing (Superlap/Drifting etc) will require an appropriate fireproof overalls/racesuit and helmet. All driving requires enclosed shoes.

What’s the deal with wristbands? Can I take them off?

All drivers/passengers are required to wear the correct wristband given to them at registration. You mustn’t remove the wristband or tamper with it in any way. If you are spotted with damaged or tampered wristband, these will be removed and you will need to purchase a replacement if you wish to stay in the event. Wristbands are waterproof and hardwearing.

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