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Grudge Kings is the most exciting concept to be launched in NZ drag racing and its aim is to find the fastest 10 Pro street style race cars who will form "The List".

Events Have been ran in Sydney and soon to be in Melbourne and Brisbane Australia with a great comradery between racers and family atmosphere.


Grudge Kings - #TheList

  1. Must have factory steel body and roof with swinging doors.
  2. Composite 1 piece front allowed but must resemble factory front, composite doors, bonnet, hatch or boot lid allowed.
  3. Chassis to be maximum 3/4 chassis.
  4. Any engine type and combination.
  5. Multiple power adders allowed.
  6. Maximum ET 6.5 = 4.14 (1/8th) Seconds.
  7. Minimum ET 9.0 = 5.73 (1/8th) Seconds.
  8. 1/4 Mile with Timer based on Drivers vote.
  9. Must meet minimum IHRA safety rules and license requirements.
  10. Race pairing is by drawing numbers out of a hat each round with the race format to be published by GK.


Pure Grudge - #CallOut

  1. You can bring any car be it a Blown, Turbo or Nitrous Promod, Full tube, 3/4, 1/2 chassis, so any chassis combination and engine combination cars can call out each other to race.
  2. 1/4 Mile heads up with timing boards.
  3. Must meet minimum IHRA safety rules and license requirements.
  4. Minimum ET 11.99.

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NZ Street Outlaws - #PureStreet

  1. Your car must be street registered.
  2. Must have current wof/reg/cert.
  3. You must race on a street approved radial tyre or semi slick.
  4. You are not permitted to use Methanoyl.
  5. You are not permitted to use wheelie bars.
  6. 1/4 Mile heads up with timing boards
  7. Must meet minimum & IHRA safety rules and license requirements
  8. Minimum ET 11.99
  9. If you have previously run a 10 second pass, you will need to be tech inspected and have all the updated safety requirements.

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Entry fee is $120 and includes one free crew member. Entries are taken online here.

Entrant numbers will be limited for each class so the race day can ensure multiple rounds of racing.


All vehicles must be running Full Drag Slicks, Semi Slicks, or any DOT Drag Tyres only.

GK Tyres


All licenses are accepted.

Safety Check

All tech inspections Accepted.

All NZDRA teched vehicles must have an IHRA Safety Upgrade Check before they can race.

IHRA Safety Check

Please read through the IHRA NZ Rulebook before entering here.


Show & Shine

In addition to drag racing, there will also be the Grudge Kings Show & Shine and Hard Parkon display. Awards available for the Show & Shine. Entry for this are taken online here.

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Racing prize and Novelty cheques
1. HALTECH- $1000 Winner "The List" Top 10.
2. V Energy- $500 Biggest Burnout.
3. Meguiar’s- $500 Wildest Ride.
4. Prowear - $250 King of Grudge.
5. Prowear- $250 King of the Street.
Racing Trophies
1. Grudgekings NZ Biggest Burnout.
2. Grudgekings NZ Wildest Ride.
3. Grudgekings NZ Tuffest car
4. Grudgekings NZ King of Grudge.
5. Grudgekings NZ King of the Street.
Show Trophies
1. Grudgekings NZ  Best in Show 1st place (Large Trophy)
2. Grudgekings NZ  Best in Show 2nd place
3. Grudgekings NZ   Best Paint
4.  Grudgekings NZ  Best Interior
5.  Grudgekings NZ  Top Engine Bay
6.  Grudgekings NZ   Best Modified
7.  Grudgekings NZ   Best Rotary
8.  Grudgekings NZ   Best Late Model
9.  Grudgekings NZ   Toughest Street Car
10. Grudgekings NZ  People’s Choice (Large Trophy)